Popular Bar Games You Can Enjoy With Your Girlfriend

by Katlyn Eriksen

pool table kiss

There is a popular saying that reads, "A couple who plays together, stays together."

Although there are countless reasons why couples fall out of love and break up, boredom is considered to be the silent killer of many a seemingly-happy partnership.

One way to combat such boredom (and negate trust issues while you're at it) is to take your girlfriend with you when you visit the bar. Although most bars are fairly limited in the range of activities they provide (apart from drinking, eating, and engaging in inspired conversations), there are a number of games you might want to include your girlfriend in that will make her transition to bar-life considerably easier.

Who Doesn't Like a Game of Darts?

Darts is by far one of the most popular bar games.

Although darts was once immensely popular, it did somewhat fall out of favor during the 1980s. Cue the early 2000s, however, and the popular game once again attracted crowds to bars across the country.

Although darts is seemingly a male-dominated pastime, there is absolutely no reason why a girl can't play darts. In fact, darts is a perfectly acceptable game for women of all ages.

Darts is even considered a safe activity for pregnant women, as long as they use lead-free darts that won't harm their unborn babies. While your pregnant girlfriend may be eager to play darts with you, however, she might not be too keen on going to a bar, so you might want to put up a dartboard at home.

Beer Pong Makes For Good Memories

If you and your girlfriend are fans of movies such as Van Wilder, American Pie, and Road Trip: Beer Pong, you will know just how much fun a game of beer pong can be.

Although it is, indeed, often played in bars, beer pong can be played just about anywhere. As long as you have a flat playing surface, 22 plastic cups, two ping-pong balls, beer, and a willing girlfriend, you can even play it in the comfort of your own home.

Although it is natural to assume that any game involving beer will be dominated by a team of guys, you might want to refrain from taking any bets, as girls often sport much better hand-eye coordination than guys do.

Pool Can Become Her Favorite Pastime

Despite the humble game of pool having a reputation as a male-dominated bar or frat house pastime, many a man has been brought to his knees by a girl who hustled her way to victory. Girls who play pool are, unfortunately, often underestimated, which has led to many instances of great embarrassment.

Encouraging your girl to play pool with you at your favorite bar can, however, turn out to be a good move. Not only may you find a very enjoyable activity you can both partake in, but you may also find her being more willing than before to accompany you on your bar runs. If you're concerned that your girlfriend will put your finest shots to shame, you can always team up for a game of doubles against another couple.

There are many fun bar games you can play with your girlfriend. Even if she isn't too keen at first, she might soon change her mind when she starts beating you at your own games.