Turn On the Charm with These Dating Video Tips

by Katlyn Eriksen

video dating profile image

Of the 54 million singles in the U.S., 49 million admit to having an online dating profile. For a man looking for their ideal match, this is quite a large chunk to compete with, even if half those profiles are male.

To douse a competitor's chance of ending up with your perfect match, the key is to have a profile that stands out – in a good way. A video helps bring across a side of your personality well before you whisk your romantic interest off on that first date.

Wear Something Flattering

While it might be tempting to show your soft and comfortable side by sticking to sweats and a hoodie, it may not go down well with women. Instead, opt for a neat jacket or sports coat, crisp shirt and well-fitting jeans.

A video also means that this is the opportunity to get in a full body shot. This is important, as women who are still keen on going on the date will know what they’re getting into and not be floored by your girth or height, if it's something that you feel may put them off.

Flattering clothing not only provide that extra bit of boost on your video, it also lets the other person know that you've given thought to your clothing and that you're respectful enough of the situation to make an effort.

Choose Good Quality Gear

There are three things you don't want to compromise on when shooting your video: picture quality, lighting, and sound. Luckily, modern photography and videography equipment come jam-packed with features that hardly require hiring in some additional gear.

According to research by Marie Claire, action profiles tend to get more hits than simply sitting on a couch, staring into the camera. This means that if you do horseback riding or play the guitar, this is the ideal time to incorporate a short clip as these types of profiles receive more hits.

This is also the best time to be sincere, as honesty will land you the partner that suits you best.

Say Things That Matter

If you're going to talk about yourself, remember to mention the word "love." An examination of 1.2 million online dating profiles revealed that users that used the word "love" in their description were far more likely to have successful profiles.

Be sure to mention things you love. If traveling is one of them, mention the places that you've been and hope to visit soon. If you're a foodie, mention cuisine that tickles your fancy.

It's also important that the word "love" is used in the context that you mean it to. For instance, if you're looking for love this is the part where you would mention it. Those viewing your profile are far more likely to take you seriously if they are on the site looking for love too.

A dating profile video shouldn't be an odious task. Instead, this is the time to shine and finally get on track to meet a compatible mate.

Spend some time and effort on the profile in order to reap the rewards.