Why Women Think Tattoos Are Hot

by Katlyn Eriksen

man with tattoos

64% of women say they're attracted to men with tattoos, according to a survey conducted by dating app Type.

So if you're planning your look for a first date or deciding what to wear for a night on the town, showing off your ink could be the strategy you need.

So why are women attracted to men with tattoos, and are there any caveats?

Ink Signifies A Manly Man

Type's survey isn't the only evidence. Another study conducted by Jagiellonian University Medical College asked 215 men and 2,369 women to rate pictures of men on their masculinity, attractiveness, aggression, dominance, how healthy they looked, and their potential for being good partners and fathers.

Women rated tattooed men as healthier, more dominant, more masculine and more aggressive, but not necessarily more attractive than ink-free men.

However, tattooed men were rated as worse potential fathers and partners.

The results of the men surveyed showed a greater rating difference: men without tattoos see men with them as dating rivals. This shows that, overall, tattoos make you more attractive to the ladies.

As for the women's higher ratings of aggression, dominance and masculinity, these qualities are associated with high testosterone levels: a more manly man. So even though the girls didn't rank the tattooed men as more attractive, ultimately, they were more attracted to the inked guys.

A tattoo attracts girls because it makes you look healthy and manly, and it also intimidates other men: your ink could be batting away your rivals as well as attracting the ladies.

Is It Worth Getting Inked?

If you don't already have tattoos, you might be wondering whether luring the ladies is a good enough reason.

Bear in mind that the survey found that women didn't rate the tattooed guys highly as potential partners and fathers. So a tattoo might be better for short-term dating rather than searching for a long-term partner.

In short, attracting women probably isn't a good enough reason to get inked if it's the only reason you're considering it. Make sure it's something you want to do for yourself too, and be sure to choose a style and design that reflects your taste and personality.

Ultimately, being comfortable with and proud of the art on your body will be more attractive to women anyway.

The Tattoo Itself

Obviously, your ex's name is going to be a big turn off for any girl. It might be worth getting that one removed.

Tattoos ranked highly by women include minimalist styles, writing in a foreign language (as long as you understand it), fierce animals and birds.

The most attractive spot is the forearm, but women also like full sleeves and back tattoos. Designs on the wrists, chest and legs are also hot, but knuckle tattoos can come off as intimidating.

If you're considering a new tattoo, it's also worth bearing in mind that the calf and butt are considered the least painful areas for a tattoo, while the foot can be quite a test to your pain threshold.

Showing off your ink might be the key to fighting off the competition and snaring the girl of your dreams. Think carefully before you get a new tattoo though: make sure it's something you want for yourself, and remember that it might make you look like less of a long-term catch.