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Using the Internet Personals to Meet Women

I recently queried the readers of The Don Juan Newsletter about their experiences using the the internet personals.  I was specifically interested in the advice of those who've figured out how to utilize the internet personals to meet vibrant, intelligent, and attractive women.  This is what they had to say.

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I'd like to tell you that I've had much success with the AOL personals!!!  I've currently met 9 successful outgoing women who have replied to me using the personals in just a month of use. The best way I've found to have girls reply to you is to put your picture in the ad!!  Girls like to see who they are talking to, and it's best to get a picture from them, before you two meet. But whatever you do, do not ask for it right off of the bat. Act like you are into more who they are than what they look like.

I have met women for dates and have been very successful in getting them to come back with me to my place.  But whatever you do, do not come on too strong! Make the woman think that you are into her inner person. I hope I can help.

To be completely honest I have met about 6 or 7 women using internet personals and I can say without reflection that none of them were relationship material. Unfortunately most of them were overweight or had extreme character flaws. I remember one time, I thought I had actually found a nice woman. She was a little younger than myself, but seemed mature. The following day after a date, I was talking to her on-line, and actually caught her in a lie. I consider myself a regular guy with regular expectations and I just don't have any hope of meeting anyone using these online services.

I have enrolled in a dating service here locally, but I am a little weary due to my online experiences. If you would like I could give you my feedback from those experiences too.

The are the worst... you cant find the exact type of person you want... they take too long to find anyone interesting enough to even think about.

I guess the best advice I can give fellow males is don't expect too much.

Most women who wrote me are a "safe" 200 to 2000 miles away.  Most women I have written never wrote back. Those who did were more paranoid than anything else.

Then there was the Nut Case who wanted to give me her body as a present, though we had never even spoken on the phone. I declined.... Then she figured out where I lived and started to stalk me for a while.

I have met one very special "friends only" person.  But nothing of a romantic nature.

Either the women liked me and I didn't care for them or visa versa.  I know.... picky, picky, picky.  I think that happens to both men and women, since there seems to be an endless internet supply of each.

I think I might just start going to church to find a nice lady, since I don't do bars or "meet markets".

Hey fellas!  I have met at least five women on the net, one of which I am going with steady.  I am a shy kind of guy by nature, but the internet helps me break the ice if you will.  My advice for being successful with internet personals:

1)  Take a real nice picture. I have a digital camera which allows me to pick and chose. You should be well groomed, and neat. Most important things: you should smile, and it should be natural!  Women can sniff out a fake a mile away. Note: make sure the photo is a recent one.

2)  Give the lady some information about yourself. They don't care what car you drive. They want to know about you. We want to know as much about the person who we're chatting with. Basics - your age, where you're from, how tall and what's your favorite color.

3)  BE ENERGETIC! You are advertising yourself you know. Be funny, women like to be around upbeat men. It portrays to them you have your act together.

4)  Take your time!  And have fun! ... life's too short.

I have had no ill experiences at all.  I have even traveled to meet at least three women I got to know on the net.  Fellas remember use the K.I.S.S method when dealing with women in the personals... Keep It Simple Stupid.... GOOD HUNTING.

(From Nichole)

I know you asked for males to write in but I felt compelled to tell my story. Four months ago I received an e-mail in response to a personal ad on the internet. The e-mail was very simple, he stated his name, that he lived in my area, basic physical description and interests. We exchanged e-mails for about a week then set ourselves up on a "blind date". We went to a very public place for lunch. Not really sure what to expect and being extremely nervous I arrived a few minutes early.

It was almost silver screen material; he walked in the door and looked around, but he didn't see me at first. I hesitantly whispered his name and he turned around. We saw each other for the first time spent 2 hours just talking at lunch and the rest is history. We are still together and happy four months later.

I really feel like the key to internet "meetings" is that you must be totally truthful. Be honest with the woman or man. Even if you don't look like Antonio Banderas or Catherine Zeta-Jones, give the other person enough credit to appreciate the real you and not what you think they want to hear. Otherwise when the day comes that ya'll meet, more than being let down the other person will be hurt that you lied and that you didn't give them enough credit to love more than just your pretty face.

The honesty issues goes beyond just appearances though, you need to be honest about everything. The internet in today's dangerous society is not a good place to start pulling surprises on people, especially someone you are going to try and build a relationship with. My best advice though is just to put yourself out there. You will probably get hurt at least once; but that one special person can make all those bad experiences completely worthwhile.

Hello. I would like to share my experience with meeting women via the internet. I have met some women via the internet and I must say that I cannot recommend it. You can share letters with a woman and think that there is a connection between you and her, but until you actually meet that person you don't really "know" her.

I was writing with a woman who lived in Germany. There seemed to be a connection between us. We wrote letters on a daily basis. We talked on the phone on a weekly basis. My phone bills were almost as high as my mortgage payments. She begged me to come to visit her in Germany. She promised to pick me up from the airport and she made all these plans for us. I purchased my airplane tickets and made arrangements to meet my "soul mate."

I phoned her the day before I left and told her when my plane would be landing. Her voice sounded different and colder than I had ever heard it before. Anyway, to make a long story short, I phoned her numerous times during my stay in Germany, but she was always "busy."  I never did meet her, but I did learn a lesson. A long-distance relationship has almost no chance of success. Furthermore, you really cannot "know" a person until you spend time with them and learn what type of personality they have and if their personality fits with yours.

So, that is my two cents for today.

I've had pretty good experiences. I've met good and bad. I'm in a relationship now that I hope it works. She answered my ad. In 9 months I have met about 10 on the internet personals and 2 women other ways. Always require a picture. And if they won't say a weight, be careful. And in your ad or in responding to them don't talk dirty. It will turn them off fast.

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