Why You Should Try Speed Dating

by Huisy

I've recently tried something here in London called Speed Dating. For those of you who don't know what it is, here's a lowdown:

One hour. Twenty girls. Three minutes each.

That's it! It's all arranged at a pub.

Twenty girls sit at a table each, and men go and sit opposite them. After three minutes a buzzer sounds and you move on. If you like the person, you tick a card. For matches (both of you ticked yes), email details are sent out to both people the next day.

My Experience With Speed Dating

Both the men and women there are generally acceptable people, and not the kind you would think are desperate to get a date. I made several useful contacts out of the men that were there. (I'm planning to work in the City of London.)

Mostly it was people in demanding jobs who don't go out to bars too often. Many of the guys said they chatted up more women that night in the hour than they had over the past month. Even I must admit I've never managed anything close to 20 chat-ups in 60 minutes.

As for the women, I've split them up like this:

  • 5 mingers (not too good)
  • 10 dateable girls (5-7 range)
  • 3 lookers (8+)
  • 2 stunners (9+)

I ticked 7 girls, and I got 4 matches. Not bad.

They don't tell you if a girl liked you if you didn't like them. Shame - always good for an ego boost!

Benefits of Speed Dating

Let's start with the obvious ones. I've been busy recently, and had only managed 4 numbers and 1 measly date last month. A bad performance, I know, but that's beside the point.

I've now got 6 dates lined up over the next week. I consider this mightily impressive, and it's great to be overloaded with women.

This method gets dates. Simple.

Now, for the more important benefits!

Whilst I consider myself to have reasonable success on the dating scene, one of my weaknesses was the opening 5 minutes. Conversation didn't often flow naturally in the beginning.

I don't think I can practice openings on 20 women in 60 minutes anywhere else. I got good at it. And after the speed dating, I went out and got 3 numbers easily at another bar.

Finally, this is a confidence booster.

This site is filled with "how to boost confidence" tips, and, as has been seen, the only real way is to get out there and try it. Best analogy I can think of is driving a car — it was really scary first time out, but now it's natural. That state is achievable with dating as well.

The problem is people who lack confidence just won't go out and try. The best solution to this I've seen so far is DJ Boot Camp, but it still requires a lot of effort from the person.

This way, once you have paid your speed dating fee, you will HAVE to talk to 20 women, and you WON'T get a rejection, just a buzzer!

I highly recommend this as a confidence booster mainly, with the added bonus of dates!

And for the record, one of the stunners, two of the lookers and one of the datable girls checked me. Not bad!

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