An Easy Way to Project Confidence

by Gipper

When I go out to the grocery store, mall, or any place where large groups of people congregate, I like to observe how they act.

I'm sure this is nothing new, as a lot of folks like to people-watch, but I've noticed something since I started posting here:

There are a lot of guys who slouch, slump, or generally create an impression of being beaten down by life.

Myself, I make a point to sit up straight, walk as tall as I can, and hold my body in a powerful manner. You can't imagine the difference this makes in my personality and how people react to me.

As a potential Don Juan, you should come across as a powerful, vibrant man. The perfect example of the Alpha-Male. Slouching in your chair, or walking with your shoulders slumped over does not create the image of a powerful man.

Even if you are not yet brimming with confidence, simply holding your body in a strong position will give others the impression that you are confident about yourself, and they will treat you as such.

This is a relatively easy way to fake a little confidence, and get the ball rolling on your way to greatness!

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