Are You Too Nice to Women?

by Allen Thompson

The problem with being "too nice" to women is that it makes you seem desperate.

And if a woman believes that you are desperate, she will completely lose interest in you.

Desperation repels women.

A woman wants a guy who is "popular" with girls. If other girls want you, then she will want you too.

So when you compliment her too much...

When you buy her too many presents...

When you are just so, so, so nice to her...

She will conclude that there is something wrong with you.

She will start avoiding you.

Or she will stick you in the dreaded friendzone.

If you do nothing else but eliminate your neediness and desperation around women, your success rate will skyrocket.

And the great irony is...

As soon as you stop acting needy and desperate for a woman...

She will very often start acting needy and desperate for you.

Now, you are in control.

And SHE is chasing YOU!


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