My Secret for Talking to Beautiful Women

by Kode Red

It's time for me to pay my debt to the site so here's my advice for the Don Juans of the world.

A lot of times my friends notice me talking with beautiful women whenever we go out and they always ask me, what do you say to them, how do you spark a conversation, yadda yadda yah.

Okay, it's very simple...

I tell them stories!

Who doesn't like stories, right?

Make Them Laugh

So I guess your wondering what kind of stories to tell them.

I prefer comical stories. With that in mind, you need to decide what story you want to tell.

When I approach women, I like to tell them stories about how I got on the wrong bus last week, how I drank too much at this party in college and what happened, when I slipped on some ice and fell in public, etc. Just make sure that it's something funny and something they can relate to.

By the time I finish telling my story the lady is usually laughing so hard that she is crying. Nine times out of ten, they will follow-up with a story. But if they don't, I just ask them if that has ever happened to them before.

The goal is to tell them a story and then let them tell you a story (women have a lot of those). The next thing you know, twenty minutes just flew by and the both of you are enjoying each other's company.

Be Different

What you have to realize is that women like something different. Most guys approach women with the intent of getting the girl's number and are very obvious about it.

Now of course we want the number, but since we are more "seasoned" at this game, we do it in a tasteful, creative manner.

The best thing about this is that it's extremely easy and everyone has at least one funny story to tell.

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