How to Suck the Energy Out of Her Rejection

Part 3 of The Silent Pause Series

by James Smith

It has been about a year and a half since I posted The Silent Pause and The Silent Pause II. Now I have another addition to the ongoing saga. I call it the Silent Pause 3. But in it's purest essence, it is not really a pause but rather a conversational tactic based on the silent pause.

My development of the 3rd installment is based upon coming to realize that with respect to most people, and especially women in romantic scenarios, many times what people say and what people actually end up doing is totally different.

Rather than worry about this I decided to figure out how to use this to my advantage.

I realized that if I do not react to anything that a woman says that I do not approve of, but rather divert the attention away to another topic, I have been amazingly successful in actually not having to deal with what she said earlier.

For example, I was having lunch with a woman I met, and while toasting over drinks, she said "to a great new friendship." My old self would have told her I am not into just being friends and probably walked out of there and never saw her again.

This time when she said that I said nothing, but looked at her and made a comment on the food that we were having without as much as flinching to what she said. We continued having lunch as if nothing ever happened.

Three days later I slept with her and she began talking about a romantic relationship.

If I had argued that I wanted to sleep with her, I would have lost her.

Before we actually slept together, I went to see her at her home and we sat down on her couch. We began kissing, and she said she did not feel like having sex, but I just continued kissing her and, within a half hour, we were making love.

I realized that when we get into an argument with women about what they say they want and do not want, we inevitably lose as arguing with women, and with anyone for that matter, causes them to feel more entrenched in their argument and less likely to change their minds.

If you allow them to simply state their position, and then continue in another direction, their point has little lasting energy, little lasting life, and it's force wanes into thin air. Most of the time they just want to be heard.

For example, if you are asking a woman to go out with you and she says she is busy, rather than giving her statement energy and power by commenting in any way on her statement, you can say "I know a great place with great Italian food."

If she says she does not kiss on the first date, ignore her statement, make a comment on another completely different topic, and then kiss her without asking later on.

If she says she does not give out her number, ignore her statement, take the conversation to another topic, and then ask her again later.

If she says she has a boyfriend, ignore her statement, make a comment on the setting where the two of you are located, and then ask to see her later if so inclined.

In its purest essence, that which you give energy to grows in power, and that which you do not give energy to does not. As it is true with nature, so it is true with women......