Why Women Love Married Men

A Woman Will Want You If Other Women Want You

by Anonymous

Researchers at the University of Louisville, Kentucky have just released the results of a new study that confirms what Don Juaners have known all along — women love married men!

The researchers found that females from different species frequently based the decision of which male to mate with by how many other females that male had already mated with. In other words, instead of mating with the most attractive males, or even the males who would be the best providers, the females were having sex with the males who were already having the most sex.

Apparently this is not uncommon behavior for females of many species, humans included.

The researchers gave surveys to women describing a fictitious potential date. He was rated by fictitious women for attractiveness and personality and their interest level in another date. The fact alone that the fictitious women said they would be interested in another date was enough to raise the female surveyees interest level significantly.

The point?

If you're not lucky enough to find a girl who will pretend to be your girlfriend for a night, copy the guys who did. Don't look like an untested product and have to sell yourself. Give them what they want and let them come to you.

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