How to Be Assertive With Women

by Cynetix

Whenever you are making a move or advancing the relationship, DON'T ASK!

You need to be assertive and stay in control.

For every question you could ask, you can be assertive and use a statement instead.


"What's your home phone number?"

...should be

"Let's exchange numbers so we can go get that cup of coffee."

If you prefer not to "exchange" numbers, then tell her to give it to you.

"Can you go out this weekend?" or "Do you want to go ice skating?" should be...

"Hey, let's go ice skating this Thursday or Friday."

Make Statements - Don't Ask Questions

In short, every:

  • Can you... ?
  • Do you want to... ?
  • I was wondering if you... ?

...needs to be abolished from your vocabulary!

Make statements - don't ask questions.

The Important Point

What is the point of this tip?

It's so you can get used to being assertive.

Simple changes in words have a powerful effect — and not only does it affect those you speak to, but it helps you understand where the control lies.

It lies with you.

And you'll get turned down a lot less.


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