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Reader Feedback

Occasionally I query the readers of The Don Juan Newsletter for their thoughts and opinions on specific topics. They always respond with insightful and intelligent feedback. Enjoy!

Great Movies

Great movies that they have seen which they thought taught them a lot about women, dating, and relationships.

Pickup Lines

Pickup lines that they have successfully used, or maybe heard which they thought might come in handy sometime.

Shaving Tips

Shaving tips and secrets that they have discovered which they feel might be of some benefit to their fellow Don Juans.

Places to Meet Desirable Women

Great places to meet desirable women that they have discovered.

First Date - Who Pays?

A common question. Does the man always pay? Should they split the check? Should she pay if she asked him out? What?

Escaping the Friendzone

Escaping the most dreaded Friendzone. How to move your "friendship" into a serious, romantic relationship.

The Best Colognes

The best colognes to make women crazy with desire over you.

How to Use the Internet Personals

How to use the internet personals to meet wonderful women online.