The Best Colognes

What are the absolute Best Colognes... the ones that drive women crazy and make them want to do unmentionable things to your body. I recently queried the readers of The Don Juan Newsletter for their cologne opinions and experiences. This is what they had to say.

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I've found that the cologne Aspen works really well. I went to a camp dance. We tried to have a contest on who could dance with the most people. And I found based on what I was wearing girls would stop after they past & look back for who had the cent. I ended up dancing with more than 5 of the ones who walked by.

I also went to a church group & went with just my deodorant one time & with the cologne another. When I wore it, a couple of people really freaked me out by saying "you smell" so I thought oh crap that sucks. But then they said, "I mean that you smell very nice." Soon after that she left her phone number for me.

Hey, I'm a high school student and the girls at my school and most parties looove this cologne called Pimp (not kidding). It's available at most Gadzooks stores for a mere 15 bucks a bottle. Very nice. Smells like Clinique Happy at a fraction of the cost. Smells most like watermelons. Also Puma Challenge. I haven't seen this at any place other than the internet and MacFrugals. It smells nice, and as a firm supporter of puma sportswear, it's awesome cheap too - 6 bucks a bottle

I live in Phoenix, AZ, and even though there is a lot of heat, and people tend to sweat a lot, I've noticed that wherever I go I get complimented on how I smell. I think that the best cologne is by far cK Be. It isn't as popular as ck One but I have both, and let's just say that my Ck1 bottle is a little bit dusty. Women find CKbe irresistible!!

I have found Curve to have a great affect on the ladies, as well as Gap Abercrombie and Fitch (Woods or Original). The list of not effective is cK One, cK Be, and Tommy Boy.

The two colognes that I have received the most favorable comments on from women are Obsession and Armani.

I like Chrome by Azzarro, Cool Water, and am now using DKNY for men. I get positive feedback on all three from the women.

Well my favorite cologne is Adidas Classic. It smells really f**cking good. That's what I like my guys to wear.

I wear Boss by Hugo Boss. It has an earthy scent and not a sweet flowery smell. I started wearing it after I read an article where they tested scents with different woman. Boss was among the top 3. It's the one I liked the best. I always get comments on how great it smells.

I have found Jovan Sex Appeal to be a hit with the ladies (and its cheap too!). But of course a good dose of confidence is also necessary to make it truly work.

I get a real good reaction from women when I'm wear Dolce & Gabbana !!

Some of my favorites are:

Eternity by Calvin Klein
Polo Sport
Curve by Liz Claiborne

Acqua Di Gio... they love it.

I am one of your lady subscribers, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoy your list. I work with several middle-aged men at my place of business, and there are a few scents that two men in particular wear that really get to me in a good way. The one that, no matter who I smell it on, is probably the nicest cologne on the market is Curve for men. The other cologne is Polo Sport... although this scent must depend on the individual wearer's body chemistry, as I have not found it as appealing on other men.

Blue Jeans by Versace is very good.

I stumbled onto a "designer imposter" cologne that women really seem to like. It's called Tahoe, and it is a generic version of Eternity for men. However, every time a lady remarks about my cologne, they claim I'm wearing Eternity. And who am I to disagree with them? :)

Polo Sport is a good sensible cologne. It's not too strong and it will satisfy the ladies.

I found the pheromone concoction by Jovan called Andron to be the most effective scent I ever wore. I swear, women three people ahead of me in the check out lines at supermarkets would turn around to engage me in conversation. I have also had them follow me around supermarkets and literally "Bump into me!" The produce counter became a life raft as the female Sharks would circle my position probably without even knowing why they were being so bold.

My dates would mutter, under their breath, things like "God! You smell good," and female acquaintances who know me well would always compliment me out loud on my scent.

As you might well imagine, all this positive attention did wonders for my self esteem. Unfortunately, it also spoiled me, and convinced me that I preferred aggressive women. This attitude proved to be a great disadvantage, because, ALAS, THEY DON'T MAKE ANDRON ANYMORE!

I have tried several other pheromone products from other companies, and continue to wear them even today. The problem is, I have never duplicated the results I got with Andron.

I am fortunate to be one of those people whom women find attractive, with or without the pheromones. I choose to wear it when I go out socially to meet women, because it improves my self confidence. But without my beloved Andron, I have to do the approaching most of the time.

I miss all those aggressive women.

- Calvin Klein's Obsession
- Hugo
- Dolce & Gabbana

I'm only 14 years old, but the number one cologne I like to wear is called Aspen Discovery. It's been on the market only for about a year, and most girls that I know haven't smelled it before, and LOVE it. The one I wouldn't recommend would be something like the Tommy Boy kind - it smells like piss.

Eternity by Calvin Klein. I put it on for the first time last Thursday, and 3 very pretty women complimented me on the way I smelled that night.

It has sometimes worked on me that I'll get the occasional, "Hmm, you smell good." When wearing a cologne that attracts women it can be a very powerful automatic ice breaker. You don't even have to make the first move. They, in fact, are the ones that come up to you and let you know just how irresistibly good you smell. Remember, they are obviously not just after your cologne, if they took the time to let you know that they were noticing you.

Some of my personal luring colognes include: Eternity, cK One, Herrera, Nautica Competition, Polo Sport, Cool Water, Curve. For men of course. Any of these should work wonders at Singles bars or at clubs. Almost guarantee it!

There is a scent I found in San Diego called Raw Vanilla. It has done wonders for me. The other scents I know females can't get enough of are Escape from Ck, and Acqua Di Gio.

I feel compelled to mention the two extremes here. I've had exciting results with Curve -- all the ladies in my crew, whenever we'd go out, were literally hanging on my neck. The compliments never stop flowing. But if, instead, you're going for something a little more mysterious ("ooh.. you're wearing insect repellant.. Wow, are you taking me to a surprise camping weekend?"), then Tommy Boy is your brand. Seriously, that is what it smells like, to the ladies.

Not exactly a cologne, but an antiperspirant. Lynx Africa by Faberge, compliments my natural odor perfectly. Although, if your natural odor is a turn-off for a woman, then she's not the one . . .

I have the Jean Paul Gaultier's alright. I got a comment from one girl saying it was familiar to her and other guys wear it, and I got several comments asking if I wear cologne. It smells too feminish so I wouldn't recommend it as numero uno.

Aramis is a good scent.

Well my favorite for a while now is Eternity by Calvin Klein.

I get many comments from women on how great I smell.

There is this really pretty girl that I work with that has told me on three different occasions how great I smell. She said I must have women crawling all over me. I can tell she is sincerely affected by the scent because her voice inflections change, proximity ("comfort zone") changes, and she gets that "f**k me" look in her eyes.

Although I'm flattered, she has too many kids and it would be too complicated. But it's nice to know the cologne works....

Hey, I would like to add the cologne Curve to your list. Ok, I haven't really found a bad cologne, but I don't like the Michael Jordan cologne(s) very much.

I would definitely recommend the aftershave or the eau de toilette by the name of Cerruti 1881. It works every time.

I use a product called Angel Amen for men. It is sold exclusively by a chain named Dillards. It smells ever so slightly like chocolate and the women absolutely love it. I've even had men ask me what I'm wearing because it smells so good. I highly recommend this product as I have received more compliments on it than anything I have ever worn in my life!

In response to your request, I often wear Curve for men. I get many compliments from women on it.

Allure - by Chanel

Always get compliments by random women.

The Polo and Tommy Boy are good I now realize. The price might not be but if you want the action you got to pay for the attraction right.

Tahoe might be cheap, but no effect.

I am 27 and I work for the Air Force. I have had several compliments from woman (in various countries) when I wear Cruiser cologne. I also wear Jaguar as well, but every time I wear Cruiser the ladies get closer... and... they tell their friends to come sniff me. It's great!

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