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The Best Colognes

What are the absolute Best Colognes... the ones that drive women crazy and make them want to do unmentionable things to your body. I recently queried the readers of The Don Juan Newsletter for their cologne opinions and experiences. This is what they had to say.

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My favorite cologne so far is Hugo. It's not very strong but when a woman gets up close she goes crazy. Maybe it's just me, but I get compliments from women on how good I smell all the time.

I find that Adidas Classic brand cologne is noticed a lot. And if you're cheap, K-mart has this stuff called Jovan Ginseng, and a lot of people like that too.

I am a firm believer in pheromones, etc., and also that certain chemicals/colognes work well, or are compatible, with certain people's skin type, but not necessarily others'.

Back in 1972 my hi school sweetie gave me a bottle of Jovan Musk for Christmas. I was 18. I liked the smell and effect. It works VERY WELL on my skin, but not on everyone's. (I have tried others, and my other 2 favorites went out of production long ago. They were Bacchus, and Herbal something-or-other. Funny, now 20 some odd years later, those names sound weirdly out of place.)

Anyway, I teach social dancing, and on a regular basis, women get that funny little gleam in their eye and say things like: Yum, you smell really good; You smell good enough to eat; Yum, I love your cologne; MMmm, Is that you that smells so good? Or, I hope my husband doesn't smell your cologne on me; Or, I could smell you on my hands all the way home the other night.

And I have worn it every day since then. Women fall all over me. It isn't very expensive, I buy it at Walmart. All those other fancy brands you get at the fancy dept. stores like Nordstroms or Macy's remind me of those Arab/Moslem/Iranians that don't shower but pour on the sweet stinky cologne to try to appear cool and/or wealthy.

Incidentally, you always say that your DJ newsletter is not free, that the cost is any info that lends to the greater cause. Well, my foray into power seduction consists of those aforementioned 2 things: 1) Find a good cologne that works for you, and, 2) Get involved in social (partner) dancing, learn a couple dance steps, and then women will melt in your arms.

Of course it depends a bit on the guy who wears it (what his personal bo is) and how much he pours on, but one that I've liked on a lot of men is Cool Water by Davidoff

Musk or Sandalwood is an absolute turnoff - they're way too heavy

Scented body oils are a big hit. A few dabs in strategic areas around you body after a shower and then use an unscented body lotion. It spreads all over and lasts many times longer then alcohol based scents.

Big Hits:
Drakkar Noir, Eternity, cK One, Escape, Fubu. In that order. Drakkar has actually drawn three at once, while repelling other guys for some reason. I'd consider this a major plus!

Major Flops:
Cool Water (yuck was the word used)

In my experience, John Paul Gaultter's Le Male is by far the best as far as women commenting on how good I smell. A distant second would be Calvin Klein's Contradiction.

I found that Estee Lauder's Pleasures and Ralph Lauren's Romance give woman a soothing, relaxing and romantic feeling.

I am a 29 year old woman.  My favorite scent is Curve for men. second is Eternity.

Dolce & Gabbana is a good one and you don't have to wear much. I've also been successful with Joop! and Obsession.

Romance! It works!

Emporio Armani, D & G Masculine - a lot of women really liked this one and I really didn't at first until they started commenting on how much they liked it. It's uncommon & most women had never smelt it before. Also Bvlgari.

May the real Cool Water please stand up. May the real Cool Water please stand up, I repeat.

Very good. Ladies dig it too.

In my humble opinion, the original Nautica was one of the best scents ever. It's clean, cool and masculine. Not overly flowery, nor does it wreak of citrus like it's newest namesake. It has been taken off of shelves (I've heard something of copyright infringement, or something along those lines), but it is still available in some bargain stores. I've recently spotted it at my local Walmart and Sam's club. Don't let the bargain basement fool you. It was well worth it's original price.

Lucky You brand cologne.... very aromatic... kind of herbal. I haven't ever had a compliant. And I ask a lot

Polo Sport is a big hit with the ladies.

1. Mure Et Musc Extreme (At Barneys - rare only at Barneys)
2. Jean Paul Gaultier
3. Angel for men (the women go crazy at this one)
4. Cartier

I like to wear Eddie Bauer's Adventurer. I have gotten compliments from a few women, but none of them can guess what it is. So I suppose it has its exclusivity and uniqueness.

Dolce and Gabbana or Calvin Klein Obsession.

Both of these work great.

When I saw that you were doing a "Great Colognes" thing one of my tricks popped into my head. I wear Hugo. It is a good smell and it isn't too pricey. I also have a few others that I try to rotate, but I always get complimented when I wear the Hugo. I have even had girls tell me that they went to the Bon and sprayed a sample of Hugo on a card just cause they loved that smell so much. And Naturally they think of me when they smell it. This is why Hugo is my number one pick of colognes.

The scent that I have had the absolute best success with on many, many different occasions with many different girls is Eternity by Calvin Klein. Women go wild over it. Women of all types, older, younger, sleazy and proper. I strongly recommend it and is my weapon of choice

A great cologne I get a lot of compliments with is Chanel's Platinum Egoiste (on some bottles it's labeled Egoiste Platinum). Don't confuse it with plain Egoiste - it's not the same.

I wear the same cologne day in day out for the past 2 years. Lots of compliments and never one bad thing about it. It's called Jean Paul Gaultier. A bit pricey, but great stuff.

I have had and tested many colognes and I can say that I know many things about perfumes. First I'll start with my private list of perfumes. I use some perfumes every day... casual perfumes... and a few of them for special occasions. My NO.1 perfume is Egoiste Platinum --- Chanel. I love this perfume, and so do the ladies. cK Be, Angel, Aqua di Gio, Fahrenheit, Joop, etc -- I think these would be some of the coolest perfumes that can drive women crazy, esp. my NO.1

The best cologne is Acqua di Gio of Giorgio Armani, also Emporio Armani of is a good cologne. The cologne of Calvin Klein isn't bad. I don't like Nobile of Gucci, but many gals like it.

The most successful cologne I've used has probably been Obsession from Calvin Klein. Perhaps second would be Pleasures from Lauder - very nice scent too. Tommy Hilfiger is quite nice, as long as it is not too overpowering.

Stay away from Brut. It's a female repellant!

I love these ones, and know that girls love them:

1. Hugo Boss (purple one)
2. Tommy Hilfiger
3. Polo Sport

I have noticed that two scents have gotten me unusual luck with the ladies when I am wearing them. Nautica Competition and Claiborne Sport are the two women just walk up to me and tell me I smell nice.

A cologne that has worked for me is Obsession, but only in combination with an additive called Hi+Octane 2 that I purchase from uneet.com. In about two month's time, it turned me from a washout to exceptional, but only with women I knew. It does little to strangers.

I thought this would be a helpful tip since you've started the Great Colognes section. My preference in bottle selection is the spray-pump kind. You don't have to worry about spilling it all over your hands, or getting too much on your neck, and the spray seems to cover a greater surface area. Remember the key is to pique their interest, so never overspray.

This is what I do before I go out somewhere. I'll usually spray a little bit into the air to make sure the tube is completely full. Then hold the bottle about 8-10 inches away in front of me and concentrate the spray in the center of my chest. I will then spray one time, and one time only. Then I very quickly run my arms, one at a time, across my chest from the inside of my wrist to about mid-forearm.

This does two things. First it will spread what little bit of cologne that hasn't dried towards the side of your shirt, and this is important because you're more apt to give off the sent as you pass by someone. It also helps when approaching someone because your scent trail will follow behind and when you do walk up to that lady you've been connecting with all night, she will be most likely comment on your nice aroma, which is always a plus (granted you're not wearing some cheap cologne).

Secondly, the cologne that rubbed off onto your arms will certainly stand out when reaching towards the bar for your drink, change, chips, etc... or if you are the one that gets approached by a woman then extending your hand to greet her will let the slightest hint of your cologne be presented to her. I know that everyone has their own way of doing things but I have found that this works very well for me.

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