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The Best Colognes

What are the absolute Best Colognes... the ones that drive women crazy and make them want to do unmentionable things to your body. I recently queried the readers of The Don Juan Newsletter for their cologne opinions and experiences. This is what they had to say.

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Most of the women like Jovan Musk or Canoe. I really liked Karate but they don't sell it anymore :(

I just started wearing Perry Ellis Reserve cologne, for men. So far the ladies have taken notice of it and I have gotten good responses to it.

By far, I've gotten more ladies commenting on Curve than anything else. Some would comment repeatedly on it. I think that one's pretty much the way to go.

I play a lot of sports, so once I received a bottle of Adidas Classic cologne as a present. I didn't think it would do too much good, but I decided to give it a try. This is a very cheap cologne, about $20 a bottle, and is rather weak, and it also doesn't last too long, only about 4 hrs.

However, I got quite an unexpected reaction to it. Girls like the, umm, sporty, scent of it. And even better, they came right up to my skin to smell it (because its weak). Also, if u sweat while wearing it, it works even better. Go out and buy a bottle. C'mon, u can afford it. It worked out well for me

There's a cologne called Eau De Rochas. It's a very lemony cologne. That worked well too.

But I gotta say, the big winner for me was Candies for men. The women love this one, and it's one of the cheaper ones. This is the one I'd recommend the most... very effective for me

Just remember, colognes actually smell different from person to person due to something about the skin structure. (Don't ask me. I'm no dermatologist.) But things that work well for some work differently for others.  Always, I'd say, before u buy a bottle, try some on and ask random girls what they think. Good way to pick up women too.

I know of two colognes that women like. The first is the popular Tommy Boy. The second is Acqua Di Gio. There are many women where I work that love it when I wear Gio.

Armani's Acqua Di Gio and Dolce & Gabbana.

An expensive scent, something like a Calvin Klein, works better than most of your regular off the shelf stuff. But use in moderation. You want to impress her, not get her high on it (as some chicks do, wearing WAY too much). If you want to make a good impression, you have to put in some effort after all! Now to insure she can smell YOU and not your best mate standing next to you, one hug when you see her, and it's in your favor from there.

Candies for men... it really turns me on to have a good smelling man!

Pasha caught the attention of the girl of my dreams. She wanted to smell me so badly, she would find an excuse to walk around my cube.

Stay away from:

- Brut
- Old Spice
- Jovan Musk

Basically, if it doesn't cost about $35-60, its not going to work. Trust me on this one. Women can smell cheap cologne. LOL!!!

I highly recommend Lucky You.

I have had the most compliments on Eternity and Romance and I have bought and tried many different brands. I have had secretaries, business women and even men ask what cologne I am wearing. This out numbers the inquires on the others by a ratio of 5 to 1.

My ex fiance loved it best when I put it on early that morning and it still had a freshness to it that evening. I believe sometimes putting it on just before leaving for a date was too strong and a milder sent was more appealing.

I wear Fahrenheit and I get a lot of positive comments about it from women. One even bought it for herself, she liked it (and me) so much.

Best pick: Perry Ellis - 360 11 oz. @ 32US$.

Though it is one of the inexpensive colognes, I have had soooo very many comments about Stetson that I would be holding back if I didn't send it in for inclusion on your list.

I have had dozens of gals tell me how much they liked the smell of it when I wear it, what a great conversation starter when that happens!

I have tried some that have sparked some interest, but the one that NEVER misses for me is Preferred Stock. Every single time I go out where there are women I get the comment, "Boy, you smell GOOD!" When they ask me the name of my cologne, I reply, "It's my secret weapon."

Bet Cologne Ever! L'eau D'Issey.

- Elements Aqua
- Boss - Chrome
- Fahrenheit
- Tommy Boy
- Tsar- (Slightly Heavier)

I have found that all of these do seem to be the Fav's among the ladies. The best would be Aqua but the most widely enjoyed would be Tommy.

Definitely Hugo Boss Dark Blue for that sexy strong impression.

L'eau D'Issey very good also with the ladies.

CK Escape, is great to for a more casual scent.

Every time I wear Escape for men, I get comments on how good I smell. The ladies LOVE it.

I am a girl, and I love Polo Sport. More for the younger guy, but I know my friends and I would jump anyone wearing it!

It is good to wear a decent amount of cologne when you are trying to pick up chicks, but when you are seriously dating someone, just one spray will do, because then she can only smell it when she gets REALLY close. That way she won't get sick of it, and she will be all over you!!

I have Polo Sport, Polo, and Acqua di Gio (Armani). My favorite is Acqua di Gio and least favorite is Polo Sport.

Hmm... I get more comments on the Acqua di Gio than on others.

I have used American Crew for almost a year and I always get compliments and a lot of women ask me what I am wearing. It's not a real popular or expensive fragrance, but the chicks dig it.

As far as use, two or three sprays before you leave the house. Then a booster shot every eight hours. I keep a bottle in my car, because you never know.

Also, I read an article a few years ago that says how some women will get into a fragrance and some won't. Some chicks dig the citrus stuff and others go for sweet smells. Also, a chick maybe react differently if it's a fragrance that her ex used to wear. Just stay away from anything with a musky smell.

Try these:

1.  Bvlgari Extreme ( the best!!! )
2.  Acqua di Gio
3.  Egoiste Platinum

Cool Water... Hugo... Drakkar... but I prefer Emporio Armani

Jean Paul Gaultier.

I wear a certain cologne called Animale. I don't know if you've heard of it or not, but women absolutely love it! Women compliment me all the time on how good I smell. I've even had a few women tell me that it makes them horny. And isn't that what we're trying to accomplish, making women horny? So whatever works use it, and trust me ANIMALE works!

I have so many colognes to pick from but I notice a definite reaction when I wear any of these colognes.

1. Romance by Ralph Lauren
2. Tommy Hillfiger
3. Nautica Latitude Longitude
4. Curve
5. Lucky You

P.S. About that one guy who submitted about a cologne called Pimp That stuff REALLY REALLY works. I also like Adidas, Gravity, and Preferred Stock!

Forget all of the expensive colognes that last half an hour before it wears off.

The most compliments on my smell has come from a cologne called Stetson Sierra. It has made girls stand around with me just to smell me.