Failure and Rejection Is the Real Secret to Getting Women

by Tweeder

I was watching that cartoon called "King of the Hill" the other day, and I saw something that sums up this whole thing.

One of the characters is a guy that gets lots of chicks. I think his name is Boomhauer.

In the beginning, all the guys are standing around saying how they can't believe how good Boomhauer is with women. They don't know how he does it, but he always gets women, and they are always hot.

In the end, Boomhauer takes a boy to the mall and says he'll show him the secret to getting women.

The boy gets all excited because he thinks he's going to find the magic way to get any chick he wants. So Boomhauer takes him to a ladies shoe store, and he walks up to a woman. She immediately shoots him down. Then he goes to another woman, and she does the same. This goes on for a while.

Finally, he gets a girl's number, and he goes up to the boy and says, "See, look at that, man. Piece of cake."

The boy says, "What are you talking about? You just got shot down by 23 women before you got that number?"

To which Boomhauer replies, "Yeah, so what, man? Ain't no big deal. I still got a number."

And he walks off looking as happy as ever.

I think this is the perfect example of a true Don Juan.

There's no secret that's going to get you all the women all the time. Nothing you do is going to eliminate rejection. The secret to getting women is accepting that rejection is going to happen. Hell, it's probably going to happen more than your successes.

The secret is to do it anyway, and then keep doing it until you get a girl you want.

I see guys saying all the time how they can't believe how some "ugly guys" have hot girlfriends. So you can see the ugly guy has a hot girl. But what you never saw was all of the rejections he went through to get to that hot girl.

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