Can I Kiss You?

by Mark

This little maneuver has become one of my favorite ways to really screw with a woman's head. Basically it goes like this:

You're out on a date and you can tell both of you had a good time and enjoyed each other's company. Now the evening (or afternoon or whatever) is drawing to a close and both of you are in that "goodbye kiss anticipation zone" that I'm sure everybody knows and dreads just as much as I do.

Finally you come to a stop in front of her door and, whether you end up walking her up from the driveway or just staying in the car, you ask her that Most Dreaded Question:

"Can I kiss you?"

To which she has two options for an answer. And if she actually did have a good time with you she will use the most favorable one. She'll smile coyly and say "Yes" softly, like only the ladies can.

Now you say this: "Alright then. I'll be sure to do that someday." Shake her hand or just smile and wink, but get on your way as soon as you can.

I guarantee that she'll be left standing there with her mouth hanging open wondering exactly what the hell just happened. And over the next few days she's going to really start itching for that kiss from you.

When she does see you again, the sheer anticipation of when, where, and how that kiss is going to happen will literally drive her nuts... because she knows you want to kiss her and that it is going to come sooner or later. But she can never know the answers to when, where, and how because you're never going to give her any clues. And you're going to act like nothing is up in the slightest. Pretend you forgot the incident even happened.

When you finally do decide to give her that smooch, just do it (but try to determine if she's in the mood for it; odds are she will be). UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO ASK AGAIN! You've already asked and she already said yes, remember? It'll be a damn good kiss, believe me.

This has always worked wonders for me.

I gave out that kiss to one girl after just running into her on the street and we ended up spending the rest of the day (and most of the next morning) together. With another one I was at an amusement park and the damn Ferris Wheel got jammed and we were stuck dangling in the air for fifteen minutes. I gave her a little peck and we basically ended up doing the grind up there until we started moving again.

And another girl actually tried wrestling that kiss out of me immediately after I pulled the "someday" line on her. Somehow I managed to get away from her. But when I kissed her on our second date at a red traffic light after leaving the restaurant, she told me to forget about the movie and come home with her.

There are more stories than that, but they all pretty much go the same.

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