A Female Friend

by DJ Gary

Here's a tip that I have personally field tested many times with great results. This is called the importance of having a female friend.

This girl should be good looking and the relationship you have with her will be strictly platonic. No sex, no kissing, no hanky panky. Even if she loses her boyfriend, is hopelessly dating jerks, or whatever, you will not cave in to her possible need to have sex with you since you are her good friend.

Once these feelings that she has passes, you will become her best friend. She will always talk highly of you to people and especially girls.

Now, Here Is Why This New Chick Friend Will Be of Great Benefit to You

1) She can give advice on your dressing habits.

She can help you shop and put together outfits that will make you attractive. You can bounce ideas off of her and she will tell you the truth.

2) You should be learning to cook by now and what better way than to cook for your chick friend.

She will love it, you both will have a great time. Be sure and know what she likes to eat. Most girls are weight conscious, so cook something that she will not feel guilty about eating. Fish, vegetables, chicken, etc.

Thanks to my chick friend, when I cook for a girl now, I can rattle off how many calories are in this or that. More points scored for me. Also, most girls these days can't cook like their moms or grandmothers, so this is a mind blowing experience for them.

3) She is a great wingman for you and since you are her good friend, she will also do your bidding for you naturally.

I met a great girl not too long ago because my chick friend met her in the bathroom and she was complaining that all the guys at the club were dorks. My friend introduced me to the girl and talked me up to the point that I was making out with the girl minutes later. All of the opening game was already done for me by her.

4) Chick friends make good friends.

But you only need one, not 10. She will always tell you why whatever girl you are dating or pursuing did whatever to make you wonder about them. Great advice from the inside of a woman's mind!

5) If she is good looking, and you two hit a club, women will notice you more.

I met a waitress once who was getting me and my chick friend some drinks. I went to the bar to catch her and change my drink order. The waitress asked if my girlfriend still wanted the same drink she had previously ordered. I said she is not my girlfriend, she is my best friend.

The girl's eyes lit up and she said "Wow, that's unusual." I replied that I like having a female friend because it's nice to hang out with a woman who I am not interested in and just be friends. This sent a message that I was the man and I make the choices. I then smiled and walked back to my seat.

The waitress, in an effort to see if I was telling the truth, said to my friend, "So you guys are just friends, huh?" My chick friend replied "Hell yeah! Gary is an awesome friend to me!"

My chick friend and the waitress and I went back to my place later and had some drinks. I hugged my friend goodbye and made sure she got in her cab okay (another point for me in the waitress's eyes). That waitress and I had sex all night and she was really comfortable around me. Now the bartender at her job wants some action from me. Crazy!

6) Chick friends make you look good.

I was outside getting some fresh air while waiting for my friend to finish going to the bathroom and noticed these two girls being bitches to all the men outside as the guys approached them. As usual I ignored them.

They walked up to me and started talking. I kept it casual. Now, my friend is a solid 9 with a bangin' body and these girls were 8-9. They knew it and thought I knew it too, but I did not play into their silly game, nor did I put them on a pedestal. They kept trying to razz me, but no luck. One girl even said, "I bet you never had anything this good before!"

At that time my friend walked out, I put my arm around her and told the other girls who were surprised that I enjoyed meeting them and we walked away.

The next week I slept with one of them and she said later that they thought I was better than the men they usually meet and kept asking about my chick friend who was not with me this particular time.

I explained the friendship thing and they were astonished and kept asking me if we ever go together. I replied that she was my friend and that I was not attracted to her in that way. Again, deer in the headlights look from both.

It's unconventional to have a platonic friend of the opposite sex, so it works great.

The trick is to be a GOOD friend to her in all the ways a friend can be. That means if she is on a dry spell with dating and she makes subconscious sexual advances, you will not act on them. YOU are the man and you make the choices.

She will love you as a friend even more for not acting on her desires to lay you. (Believe me, she will at some point try to lay you.)

If you do lay her, kiss the friendship and all of these benefits goodbye. SO DON'T DO IT! She will help you score more chicks than you can imagine.

Last night me and my current love interest (whom my chick friend introduced me to) were out and about. All three of us hit the dance floor and since my chick friend knows I am not going to touch her or get the wrong idea, she was grinding on me as well as my love interest.

All the men came up to me later and wanted to know my secret. I got many free drinks that night from guys wanting advice, and 2 girls' numbers who saw me dancing with them.

So you see, you project quality when you show up with two hot chicks. You own the joint. Every one there knew I owned it and we were the most popular.

Because of my chick friend, women warm up to me after I talk to them and I say something like "and this is my best friend Kelly." Of course the girl wants to know what's up, so we both tell her and then they go to the bathroom (typical of women). This is where my chick friend talks me up and answers all those typical female questions when it comes to guys. I ended up taking that girl home that night.

So this works great, but your chick friend has to be good looking and she has to be the kind of girl who wears nice clothes, etc.

So Here Is What You Can Do For Her, and Learn a Thing or Two About Girls In the Process

Always help her with advice about guys. Help her screen her potential love interests. Observe men who come up to her and chat. Notice what they say, what they do and watch the body language.

You will learn so much by watching them fail or score her digits, plus you might make another cool guy friend. (But be warned, he might be trying to be nice to you to get to her.)

Always offer her advice if you think she could use it. Protect her and act as if she is like a sister to you. After all, she should be. Be a REAL friend, no fakery. Woman know when we are faking, so don't do it.

Plus, hanging out with a hottie will prepare you for meeting them. You will become comfortable around hot girls, so much that they will no longer make you uneasy or nervous.

Help her out as much as you can, be her safety net when you are out. Once a guy would not take no for an answer when he was hitting on her, so I told him to beat it. She was a little upset and wanted to go to the bathroom.

A group of girls at the next table saw the whole thing. I asked the least cute one at the table if she would escort my buddy to the bathroom. She agreed and the hot one came over and was astonished. She bought me drinks the rest of the night and came over the next day to give me some loving. She thought I was the most awesome guy she had ever met, especially when my chick friend told her how awesome I was....

So get a female friend, help her out, be a GOOD friend to her and she will open more doors for you than you could ever imagine.

Now, it's important to remember that you don't kiss your chick friend's butt too much. You don't wanna appear weak; you just want to treat her like one of your guy friends without all the fart jokes, etc. Treat her like a lady and don't ever look at her chest! (Well, don't get caught.)

I love my chick friend and she is one of my best friends. She gets me laid all the time and she is happy to do it. I help her with male advice all the time and I helped her meet an awesome guy like me not too long ago. She is forever thanking me for this. I look at it like it's my appreciation to her for helping me out so much.

One last thing, this new chick friend cannot be a girl you once tried to hit on and she landed you in her "let's just be friends" zone. She is a girl you seek out for nothing more than friendship.

She will be taken aback by this and it will make you look incredible in her eyes.

DJ Gary

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