The Magnificent Tootsie Roll Approach

A Unique and Awesome Way to Approach and Meet Women

by Anthony

I know this guy at college. He's a truly good, kind, sweet guy. He's not bad looking, but definitely no Tom Cruise, and he is about 5'5". Kind of quiet and very much not an aggressive type of person.

Definitely not someone you would suspect would be picking up the women like a magnet.

But, all the women think he is absolutely adorable, and many are actually after him.

It could be a combination of a bunch of things, but one thing that I see him do constantly really makes me think...

He has plenty of tootsie rolls on him at all times, and without saying a word, walks up to women and hands them one.

I can tell you that they like that very, very much. It's something distinctive that nobody else does, and whether they eat it right then or not, they will be thinking of him when they do.

It also happens to be chocolate, which as most of you probably know is an aphrodisiac, and it's something that they put in their mouth.

I wish I could steal the idea.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share this with you all, and some of you may take it on yourself.

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