Make Them Laugh and You Are Golden

by Moe Janssen

It's like my old Pappy Smear's used to say: if a dame shows you her teeth, she will be willing to show you something else.

Everyone ranks a sense of humor as an admirable quality. The top 3 qualities women seek are confidence, independence, and a sense of humor. Babes love a guy who is funny -- make them laugh and you are golden.

Men who are great at seducing women possess some sort of funny bone. Being too serious all the time is not very attractive. Do keep in mind that humor without a slightly arrogant attitude is just plain silly. You don't want to appear like a babbling buffoon.

Gauge your sarcasm in the appropriate amounts. Too funny and you stand the risk of never being taken serious. Overdo it and you stand the risk of being a HUGE JOKE and this tends to have the repel effect on certain chicks.

When people find you funny and laugh, they are letting their guard down slightly. You create a friendly, fun, trusting environment where you have captured their attention.

You can practice your funny routine online by sending warped pictures of her (doctored in Photo-shop) saying something like "what's with the huge ears?" The Internet is filled with silly things/sound effects for you to share. You can polish your quit wit in chat rooms or with IM's (Yahoo has great audibles/emoticons).

OFFLINE HUMOR requires some basics. Here are some examples for you to incorporate.


Remember that little kid who pulled the girls ponytails. He would pull their hair slightly and the girls would chase him around the playground. That's the mindset you need to adapt.


This is where you make slight fun of something about her. Examples: her shoes, clothes, handbag, clumsiness, etc. Make sure to have a smirk on your face so that she knows you are just playing.


Now unless you are a polished comedian, telling jokes can be tricky. People do not always think jokes are laughable.


This is where you exaggerate an ordinary observation you noticed. Think Jerry Seinfield -- what's the deal with push/pull signs on doors? do we still need these signs?


Mimicking someone with a slightly mumbled tone always sets him or her off balance. Role playing, hats, fashion accessories. Think Tim Allen on "Tool Time".


Pretending to walk into a door, or playful wrestling/piggy back rides, a tickle in the ribs, all exponentially increase attraction. Chevy Chase always got the hot babes.

Moe Janssen